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Extrafollicular adenomatoid odontogenic tumour of maxilla: a case report


Odontogenic tumours are a group of heterogeneous lesions, features of which have been catalogued for several decades. Adenomatoid odontogenic tumor (AOT) is an uncommon, hamartomatous, benign, epithelial lesion of odontogenic origin that was first described by Driebaldt in 1907, as a pseudo-adenoameloblastoma. The current World Health Organisation (WHO) classification of odontogenic tumors defines AOT as being composed of the odontogenic epithelium in a variety of histoarchitectural patterns, embedded in mature connective tissue stroma, and characterized by slow, but progressive growth. The rarity of adenomatoid odontogenic tumor may be associated with its slowly growing pattern and symptomless behavior. Therefore, it should be distinguished from more common lesions of odontogenic origin in routine dental examinations. The current article reports a case of extrafollicular variety of adenomatoid odontogenic tumor occurred between with left maxillary canine and premoloar teeth region with divergence of roots in a 13 years old female patient.

Keyword: AOT, Extrafollicular ,Maxilla